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RH Holder Deluxe and 7 Insert End

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The RH Holder holds the same ends as the MKR-7 Hammer and is struck with a heavy chasing hammer or ballpein hammer.  The RH Holder is designed to reach inside a bracelet or small bottle to snarl or stretch the metal from the inside while supported in pitch. This makes it possible to avoid the kinking that happens after a bracelet is chased flat and then curved into a round or oval shape.  The curved insert ends form delicate flutes or raised areas from the inside. A knob on the side of the tool makes it easy to grasp while the holder is being guided.

RH-1 Insert  1mm Width    

RH-2 Insert  2mm Width

RH-4 Insert  4mm Width

RH-6 Insert  6mm Width

RH-6R Insert 6mm RD                                                         

RH-8R Insert 8mm RD                                                        

RH-35R Insert 35mm RD      

  Note: It is recommended to use a parting agent on the metal before it comes in contact with pitch . 

Type Medium

Availability: In stock

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