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M-113A 20 mm Starting Fluting Stake / 1 7/16” or 36 mm Long

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The M-113A is a curved peaked stake with two distinct side angles. The pointed curved peak is slightly rounded on the M-113A. The M-113 allows the smith to rough out the flutes without have to worry about the stake marring the inside of the project with a too sharp stake

The M-113A Fluting Stake is used as the first fluting stake with the M-111, 112, and 113 Stakes to flute a line or lines around a bracelet shape. Using the M-111, it is possible to form multiple flutes across a bracelet, or from edged to edge, in either a straight or curved pattern. The side that is least angled should be the working side unless a very deep concave flute is desired.

Availability: In stock

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