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SET-NJH New Jeweler Hammers Set

Availability: Out of stock

A collection of all Fretz Medium Hammers.

This Set includes:

  • HMR-1 Plannishing Hammer
  • HMR-2 Wide Raising Hammer
  • HMR-3 Narrow Raising Hammer
  • HMR-4 Large Embossing Hammer
  • HMR-5 Small Embossing Hammer
  • HMR-6 Plannishing Hammer w/ insert Single Ended Version
  • HMR-7 Double Ended Insert Hammer
  • HMR-8 Rounded Narrow Raising Hammer
  • HMR-9 Rounded Wide Raising Hammer
  • HMR-12 Sharp Texturing/Raising Hammer
  • HMR-13 Short Sharp Raising
  • HMR-14 Raw Silk Hammer
  • HMR-15 Circle Texturing Hammer
  • HMR-17 Chasing hammer
  • HMR-19 Janus Chasing Hammer
  • HMR-20 Classic Chasing Hammer-Heavy
  • HMR-20-M Classic Chasing Hammer-Medium
  • HMR-21 Goldsmithing Hammer
  • HMR-22 " Sandstone Texture " Hammer

Availability: Out of stock

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