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MA-4 Large Mushroom Anvil -High Dome

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The MA-Series are round mushroom stakes of about 70 mm diameter in 420 hardened stainless steel. The tapered tangs fit in the Fretz H-101 Bench Holder or Fretz VH-101 Vise Holder. The design of each of the four stakes makes them very useful for forming or forging non- ferrous metal projects or jewelry. They are rugged tools that can be used with either light or very heavy hammers.

MA-4 is a half round domed mushroom stake. This shape is very useful for dramatic curves on large surfaces. On small surfaces the half round shape is needed to make the piece have a noticeable curve. Small round or freeform shapes can be raised on the surface with a nylon or steel-raising hammer. This technique is more efficient than angle raising metal.

Availability: In stock

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