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Set MA- MA Series Mushroom Stake Set

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The MA-Series are round mushroom stakes of about 70 mm diameter in 420 hardened stainless steel. The tapered tangs fit in the Fretz H-101 Bench Holder or Fretz VH-101 Vise Holder. The design of each of the four stakes makes them very useful for forming or forging non- ferrous metal projects or jewelry. They are rugged tools that can be used with either light or very heavy hammers.

MA-1 is the flat version of the MA-Series. It can be used as a flat jewelry anvil or also as a stake to form the bottom of hollowware. This is a very useful first stake for forging heavy stock metal wire or ingots.

MA-2 is a low domed round mushroom stake. The low dome makes an excellent curve for forming large pendants and for small projects to give the shape dimensional stability. Slightly domed shapes look less static than flat ones with fewer tendencies to bend in use.

MA-3 is a more domed round stake than MA-2. This stake can be used to form shapes when more of a domed surface is required. The MA-3 Mushroom Stake can be used as a mallet to dome metal. Lay sheet metal on a sand bag and strike it with the domed surface, while holding the tang, and the metal will become cupped in a few blows. The metal can then be forged or textured with various hammers by replacing it in it holder.

MA-4 is a half round domed mushroom stake. This shape is very useful for dramatic curves on large surfaces. On small surfaces the half round shape is needed to make the piece have a noticeable curve. Small round or freeform shapes can be raised on the surface with a nylon or steel-raising hammer. This technique is more efficient than angle raising metal.

Availability: In stock

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